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Why Organic is Better for Your Body, Mind and Soup! Part 1:

Standing in my local grocery store, I find myself torn.  On one side, a gala apple from Guatamala, on the other is an organic gala grown locally:  Which do you choose?  The price for the organic one is about a $1 more per kg, and the apples themselves don’t look nearly as appealing in comparison.  The organic apple is smaller, less shiny and has some imperfections, but that little voice inside me is telling me it’s the better choice.  Is choosing organic really better for you?  Is that elevated price point really worth it? And what about the produce from the local farmers market?

I know that this subject can be a heated one, but if we can set aside our differences for a moment about cost, sustainability, yield and climate change mitigation. Not to mention the benefits to environment (including higher biodiversity, better soil quality and better health conditions for farm workers), I think that we can all agree that nutritionally, organic foods are better for you!

But just in case, let’s review why this is true.  Studies are pretty conclusive, when it comes to consuming organic foods, there is a definite decrease in exposure to pesticide residues.  The toxic health effects to humans from exposure to pesticides include cancer, reproductive issues, immune, brain health and nervous system impacts.  Often these toxins are stored in your body over the years and build up in your system.  So, even if it has been deemed safe by the powers that be, repeated exposure over the years may have a cumulative effect that could contribute to some very serious illnesses.

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