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Your place to discover wellness, take control of your health and learn transformational techniques that will redefine your relationship with food and help you to live a healthier lifestyle!

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Programs designed for your lifestyle to help you with meal prep and teach you how to change your relationship with food

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Body + Mind

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Easy to follow, nutritious and delicious


Sleep, stress and daily life hacks to keep you healthy and happy

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Sugar Addicts Detox

(Group Plans Available)

Body Mind Spirit Reset

(6 Sessions)

Body Mind Spirit Lifestyle

(3 Months)

WAKE UP, SHAKE UP Play your favourite song as your alarm Hot/cold shower to invigorate Superfood smoothie MOVE Carve out time in your morning to exercise for 30mins Do activities that you enjoy and keep your body moving MEDITATE Take 30mins in the day to sit quietly and reflect Focus on the quality of your breath Enjoy the silence on your blessings EAT Healthy snacks—veg and hummus Cottage cheese with frozen blueberries Apple slices with nut butter; handful of your favourite nuts Organic fruits and vegetables Real food not processed/refined food SLEEP Turn off all electronics 30 mins before bed Journal Meditate Sleep in a dark place or wear a sleep mask Take a bath with epsom salts LIVE Hobbies that you love Walk; be in nature Socialize

About Sheri McConaghie

Sheri Cutting Vegetables
Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Sheri doing yoga
Certified Yoga Teacher
Sheri teaching
Wellness Coach

Happy Clients

“I was able to lose that last 10lbs and keep the weight off. Sheri taught me simple strategies that made it easy to incorporate into my daily life!”

Mike S

“I was in a very unhappy place, and Sheri’s guidance not only made me feel better in my body, but also in my spirit!.”

Anne B

”Sheri’s energy, laughter and smile are contagious. She made me at ease every step of the way.”

Kathy E.

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Do activities that you enjoy to do and keep you moving. Laugh, Dance, Sing and Play.

Go Natural

Eat whole, organic, local foods and drink filtered water.


Celebrate your milestones, give yourself a break, love yourself.