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Detox Tips

10 Tips to a Successful Detox

Unfortunately for most of us, sugar is both our number one enemy and our closest friend.  So every year, we break up for a month and I often find that this is enough time for some of the changes that I make to become habitual.  New habits are hard to make, but this process really works. 

The following are some tips for when you do a detox:

1. Ease into your detox.  A week before you start, minimize those foods that you crave the most.  For example, start to reduce your caffeine intake and if you normally have a drink of alcohol or 2 through the week, try to reserve drinking for just the weekend.  You will thank yourself.

2. Start your detox on a Thursday or Friday.  The 3rd day is usually the hardest and this will give you the weekend to go through the worst of it.  Remember that it gets better after this.

3. Go shopping for your ‘allowable foods’ before you start and buy enough for those first 3 days.  The last thing you want is to find yourself in the bulk section at the grocery store willing yourself not to sample the chocolate-coated pretzels.

4. Clean out all the foods that you are eliminating from your pantry.  Even if that means that you put them in a bin for a time just so that you don’t have to look at them and be tempted.  If you don’t trust yourself to stay on plan, give the bin to a friend to hold for you.

5. Especially that first week, ease up a bit on exercise.  You will be reducing your daily caloric intake, your body will be detoxing, and you will be irritable.  So it’d be best to avoid giving yourself access to heavy weights that could be used to hurt someone

6. Get plenty of rest.  Sleep is the number one way to reduce inflammation, weight and it is the time when our body does the most detoxing.

7. In the face of cravings, wait a minimum of 30 mins before acting on anything and then re-evaluate.  9 times out of 10, you won’t feel like indulging.  But if it still has a hold on you, go to tip #9.

8. Herbal tea is your friend.  If you are having a craving at night, brew yourself a cup of ‘sweet’ herbal tea like Passion from Tazo.  The heat and tang will chase that craving away.

9. Be kind to yourself.  The cravings will subside and you will find that some foods really make you feel good on the detox, so treat yourself regularly.

10. Most people will be more successful if they have someone they are accountable to and can share/get support.  Let’s face it, if you could do it by yourself successfully, you would already by doing it.  So sign up with a friend or join a group.

Finally, don’t beat yourself up, if you need to bend the rules a little.  Life happens, carry on and re-read the first part of tip #9.  If you want to join a program or need some help, click here, I’m happy to help. After all, your beautiful body is the best accessory you’ll ever wear!


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